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Alarm Response Service

Emergency Response Inspections

CastleGuard is available to respond to home security alarms and police calls. By placing CastleGuard on the emergency call list, we will respond to all calls at anytime. You no longer have to bother neighbors, who may have there own problems, distant friends and relatives whily maintaining the privacy of your home.

Ancillary Services

In addition to our home inspection program, CastleGuard through its affiliates provides a complete residential concierge service including:

  1. Installation of a security lockbox containing a key for regular or emergency response services.
  2. Home closing and opening services including maintenance and cleaning
  3. Spring, fall and other seasonal maintenance
  4. Supervision and scheduling of snow removal and lawn maintenance
  5. Seasonal adjustments of water, heat, cooling and other mechanical adjustments
  6. Residential detailing to create the appearance of a new home finish
  7. Emergency repairs caused by power outages, ice damage and illegal entry.
  8. Respond to requests for residential caretaker or other remodeling or restoration needs.

The fees for such services are based on the work requested and are always approved in advance of project commencement.

All inspectors are licensed, bonded and experienced personnel.


  • Regularly scheduled inspections                     $   89.00
  • Pre Paid Multiple scheduled inspections          $   50.00
  • Multiple scheduled inspections                        $   55.00
  • Vacation special (2 inspections)                      $ 150.00
Emergency priority response inspections

Daytime          $ 125.00

Nighttime        $ 150.00

Hourly rate over standard inspections             $   60.00

All fees are paid by credit card or a check in advance.

Special billing account services are available upon request.

For a complete explanation of our inspection services or a no-obligation quote for our ancillary services please contact us at 248.350.3000.