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Home Maintenance

CastleGuard offers a new freedom to homeowners.

For many homeowners the joys of living in a single family home with the support of lifelong friends, good neighbors and local community services has been threatened by the need to take care of their home and property.  With changing lifestyles plus the challenges of ageing, it has become more difficult to personally handle the many chores and maintenance items that a home requires.  For many, the solution has been to move into an apartment or condominium, leaving behind the privacy, security and independence they cherished.

Now it is possible to stay in familiar surroundings close to family and friends without giving up your home.  CastleGuard offers a unique portfolio of services designed to eliminate the cares and concerns that can overwhelm many homeowners.  Through its integrated approach to home management, CastleGuard assures the homeowner that all maintenance, repairs and household chores are eliminated from the owner’s responsibilities and are performed by professionals.

Total Home Maintenance Program

CastleGuard is an invaluable resource for the management and maintenance of residential properties.  We assume the responsibility for the scheduling and supervision of all forms of residential caretaker services.  From grounds maintenance to handyman services,  from minor repairs to major renovations, CastleGuard is there as your representative to evaluate, negotiate, contract and oversee each service to insure that all projects are completed as promised and with minimal inconvenience to the resident.  As an experienced manager, CastleGuard requires all contractors have the necessary credentials, licenses, insurance and workman’s compensation protection required for each task in order to protect the homeowner from personal liability.  In addition, CastleGuard may be able to hire professional contractors for less money than individual homeowners, due to its volume purchasing power.

CastleGuard can establish annual budgets for routine maintenance and “reserves” for normal contingencies.  Once this budget has been determined, an account can be created for the payment of all approved bills and a monthly payment can then be established to maintain adequate funds for future expenses.  Payments are made from this account by CastleGuard and monthly, quarterly and annual reports are prepared for financial planning and tax information.

We are dedicated to removing the burdens of home ownership and replacing them with peace of mind and the pride that comes in living in a home that is properly cared for.

Top 10 problems for the aging associated with the home.


  1. Difficulty getting in and out of the shower and/or  tub
  2. Difficulty with doorways and halls
  3. Difficulty turning faucet handles and doorknobs
  4. Problems climbing stairs and steps
  5. Inadequate heating or ventilation


  1. Finding reliable contractors to complete projects
  2. Snow removal and maintaining sidewalks
  3. Difficulty getting in and out of the home
  4. Keeping all financial obligations current
  5. Inspecting exterior for current and potential problems