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Vacant Home Inspections

CastleGuard, LLC offers a residential inspection of the systems and structures that are at risk when a home is not occupied for short or extended periods of time.  This service is intended to give the owner or its representative the assurance that the home is safe and secure from natural and man-made intrusions.

 Our 12 point exterior and interior evaluation provides a report designed to bring immediate attention to any and all factors that may put the residence and any personal property therein at risk of damage or destruction.  Our service cannot guarantee that such an event will not occur but with regularly scheduled and emergency response inspections the likelihood of such damage is significantly reduced.

General Inspections

Date, time and inspector are recorded for each inspection.

Exterior Visual Inspection

  1. Upon arriving at the residence a photo is taken and the outside temperature is recorded.
  2. Any items such as newspapers, fliers, mail and small debris are collected to give the home an occupied appearance.
  3. A walk around the perimeter of the home is performed to check for obvious problems with doors, windows, and potential seasonal problems such as ice buildup or tree obstructions.

 With the owner’s permission:

  1. A sign can be placed on the grounds which reads: “This home is being watched by CastleGuard.  Please report any unusual activity to 248.350.3000.”
  2. Certain neighbors can be notified that a home is vacant and asked to report any suspicious activity.

Interior Inspection

  1. Upon entering the premises all doors, door walls and windows are secured and the indoor temperature is recorded.
  2. The electrical system is checked.
  3. The home security system is checked
  4. The heating and cooling systems, depending of the season, are checked and determined to be operational.
  5. The water heater is checked and determined to be operational.
  6. All necessary appliances are checked.
  7. All floors, walls and ceilings are checked for moisture.

 Upon completion, a report including photographs can be forwarded by fax, mail, email or phone.

 All scheduled inspections will take place between the hours of 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday.  Night and emergency response inspections are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.